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Kiran Singh

Everyone loves to travel – myself included, but few people enjoy the packing that goes along with it. Preparing for a trip doesn’t have to be a headache. I am very type-A when it comes to packing. I must have things SO organised and always want to have room to shop, so I never over pack. I have gotten pretty good at packing over the past few years.

Whether you’re great at organising and love everything to have its place in the suitcase, or you’re forever forgetting the important stuff, these Luggage Organisers by Beautify are designed to make packing easier and more effective.  With 7 individual polyester organisers, you can easily divide your luggage any way you like, by day, by clothing type or by category. Rose gold zips keep everything secure. There are simple and efficient ways to pack your bag that will make your life easier before, during, and after your travels.

The fun starts when the packing does.

Normally the most stressful part of taking a trip, Beautify is here to make packing a little easier and a lot more glam. These 7 organisers are great for splitting up your packing and helping you take control.

Seventh heaven.

The mesh pouches are particularly useful for clothing as the breathable netting won’t harbour odours, while the pouches can be used for accessories such as jewellery, hairbrushes, underwear and swimwear. And finally, there’s a shoe bag – for keeping dirty soles away from the rest of your stuff.

Great gift idea.

Do you know someone going travelling? Perhaps you need a birthday present for someone who lives for their holidays? This Set of Beautify Luggage Organisers is as practical as it is pretty.

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