Many vegan foods are highly processed whereas this diet uses ingredients that are natural, if removing things from your mealtimes they need to be replaced to balance out your diet, such as more seeds and grains which are high in proteins and beans with high fibre content. Menus are made up of unprocessed, whole foods that include all of the nutrients and vitamins needed in a balanced diet.

Balance Box

The founder of Balance Box, Jennifer Irvine is deeply passionate about wanting to help people embrace a plant-based diet, the right way. Poorly planned plant-based diets, that do not replace critical nutrients found in many animal-based foods can lead to serious micronutrient deficiencies. A recent study conducted by Queen’s University Belfast stated that whilst there are many factors that contribute to poor nutritional health, ‘poorly planned vegan diets are adding to malnutrition in healthy countries’. Partly as a result of this, the UK ranks seventh among the ten most iodine-deficient nations.

Balance Box

Plant-based eating, when properly planned can have fantastic health benefits but planning nutritionally balanced meals that don’t sacrifice taste or health can be a headache. Customers can choose between the Lighter Plan (1200-1300 calories) and the Market Plan (1700-1800 calories). Based in New Covent Garden Market, their team source natural, ethically produced ingredients direct from the market every day for each menu. The range is available in 3 and 4-day boxes and prices start at £26.99 per day.

Plant-based Balance Box dishes include:

  • Mango & Coconut Yoghurt Bircher, made with gluten-free oats
  • Mushroom Chermoula Salad
  • Tandoori Tofu with Bombay Cauliflower

Balance Box


I have tried many recipe boxes and ready meal deliveries and generally, I was not motivated by the boxes to want to reorder. Mostly ready meals have been very tasteless and unappealing and recipe boxes are expensive for what you receive although admittedly you are also paying for the convenience of having everything pre-weighed and measured. With Balance Box, the meals were delivered ready-made so easier to organise them in the fridge, everything was well marked on the labels.

I had ordered plant-based meals for 4 days – as I had just come back home from 2.5 weeks in Norway and didn’t have any food in the fridge, freezer or pantry, the food was delivered a few hours before I reached home – so GRATEFUL.  The meals were good-sized portions, very tasty and healthy. There was a great variety of healthy foods, with plenty of plant diversity.

Honestly loved Balance Box. Super refreshing to see recipes that weren’t all chickpea-based as that’s what vegan options tend to focus on. Great service from start to finish, super varied menu, BIG portions & really flavoursome food.

I enjoy cooking for myself from scratch and continue to do so but simply wished to express my satisfaction and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again with a change in lifestyle.

Balance Box

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