My ‘Walk & Talk’ sessions are designed to help you with either a specific issue you literally need to walk or talk out, e.g. a sudden life change, something that has caught you unawares and you need to find a solution or, can be used as a maintenance session for those who have perhaps embarked on coaching previously but need a “top up” to get them back on track again.

It’s designed to inject enthusiasm and encourage development. So this session is a good old fashioned walk along the canal, for approximately an hour where we identify the issue, walk & talk it out . At the end of the session have an action plan which I will then email to you to follow and get you on track for finding that solution, or getting you back on course for your goals.

  • 1 x 50 minute Session
  • A cup of Tea / Coffee to take ‘on-the-go’
  • Follow-up email with key points and next steps
  • Accountability

Why ‘Walk & Talk’ coaching session?

* Walking is good for the brain. This is something I’m sure we’re all aware of:  it improves concentration, reduces mental fatigue and helps us be calm and meditative.

* Our brain waves slow down to allow our unconscious mind to streamline thoughts, reflect and generate new ways of thinking, ideas and solutions.

* Walking side by side puts the dilemma or idea in front of us so that we can work on it together. We widen perspectives and develop more accurately and quicker.

* We listen to each other better. We can both hear ourselves accurately in the wide open space, we relax & open up to be our authentic selves.

* The combination of movement keeps you more awake to what’s happening around you, you notice more in the present and also the natural environments hold your attention while at the same time allows scope for reflection.

* Nature is an inspiration. It is deceptively simple, exceptionally resilient and innately creative. What better place for mindfulness and development.

* Because we combines exercise as part of the session it also impacts our psychological, mental, emotional and physical well-being.


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